Laws of Attraction (2023)

Laws of Attraction (2023)

Other name: กฎแห่งรักดึงดูด Kot Haeng Rak Dueng Dut


Charn is a clever lawyer inclined to accept high-paying and high-profile cases that will bring him renown. On one occasion, he’s taken off a case as it’s gaining widespread interest. Having lost face and oportunity, he’s suspisious of the reason for his removal and wants to get his revenge. He suspects he can find something hidden within the case for his own profit. Charn therefore decides to switch sides to Tinn, the uncle of Tonkhao, a young girl who was struck and killed by a car and failed to recieve justice. The two come together to search for the truth.

Director: Director: Wo Worawit Khuttiyayothin [หวอ วรวิทย์ ขัตติยโยธิน]


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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